Jennie Rosalyne Sutherland                                                                                    Be the change you wish to see in the world' Mahatma Gandhi    

       Personal Coach & small business mentor.                                                                                

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          Need change in your life?


          As challenging as life is, we can all benefit from coaching in our lives. 

          Coaching is a fantastic process guiding and supporting you in a non judgmental and confidential series of sessions,

          challenging you to take hold of your dreams, act now and live the life you want to live.

          Coaching helps empower you and encourage you and in just the first few sessions alone you will feel growth and change, bringing you closer

          to your goals and finally to your destination. 

          I specialise in helping my clients to realise their true potential and ensure all of my clients feel as confident as they can feel to achieve their

          desired goals.

          My clients are usually looking to make change in their career, improve their skills, return back to work after some time, set up their own

          business, manage self employment, increase their earnings, balance a career and a family.  

          Some of my clients are uncertain of where they are headed and need to improve clarity and vision in order to gain control. 

          Clients who are happy in their career often come to me to reduce stress and regain the work/ life balance they need.

          If you really want change and transformation in your life and you are 100% committed to making this change then coaching is for you.


          Specialist areas include:

          Finding new employment  

          Self employment               

          Back to work                     

          Career change

          Career promotion



          Work / Life balance

          Improve finances