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          Frequently asked Questions



      Who needs a coach?

      We can all benefit from coaching at sometime in our lives and even coaches have coaches too! 

      Coaches are hired for their expertise in specialist areas and can coach anyone from young children and parents to business executives and

      large scale companies.

     How will coaching help me?

     Coaching will allow you to identify your dreams and goals, assist you to overcome any limiting beliefs you may have and turn them into

     positive affirmations. 

     Coaching will help you to create action plans and self confidence and ultimately get you to your dream destination within a specific time frame.


     What is expected of me?

     As a client, a coach can help you if you are ready to look to the future and take action now. 

     Be 100% committed to transform and be willing to take on board practical exercises that will assist you through the sessions. 

     As long as you are open. truthful and honest with yourself, you will start to see change.

     How long are the sessions?

     To see a transformation in your life if this is a goal you know you want, however you need help to take action, then as little as 3-6months. 

     For more challenging goals or goals further into the near future then the process may take as long as you require.

     Your coach will help you to plan the number of sessions you require.

     Each session lasts for approx 30-45 mins and your initial intake session will be longer.

     How often should i be coached?

     Every client has different needs, however typically, you would see or speak to your coach once a week or once every 2 weeks depending

     on how quickly you want to reach your goal. 

     Coaches would agree that the more regular the sessions the more you will feel the benefit from being continuously motivated and inspired

     throughout each week.