Jennie Rosalyne Sutherland                                                                                    Be the change you wish to see in the world' Mahatma Gandhi    

       Personal Coach & small business mentor.                                                                                

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          About Jennie Sutherland

         Jennie is a self made business woman and entrepreneur, is married and a mother of two.


          Always interested in self improvement, business and goal setting, Jennie started her first business in 1998 at the tender age

          of 20.  As a choreographer Jennie worked in her dance agency Riven Productions, building a client portfolio that included

          assignments within TV and Flim, Advertising, Fashion and music industry. 

          Jennie trained and motivated dancers and students to improve their abilities and achieve their own goals in life. 

          The agency gave hundreds of dancers work opportunities and advice, which led to a natural progression for Jennie to

          study coaching. 

          Over the years Jennie strived for more challenges in her career and finding a gap in the market, Jennie launched a children's

          party planning company, GroovepartyUK, providing themed party solutions for busy parents. 


          Jennie trained with the coaching academy in personal coaching and now offers sessions for 121 and group coaching, training

          and motivational speaking. Using her years of business experience, Jennie mentors ad coaches business mentoring for

          business start ups/ small businesses and the self employed.  

          " Always being my own boss gave me many challenges of my own to overcome, however, continually putting my thoughts into

          action and remaining positive, helped me to acheive my goals. 

          Believing that anything is possible and wanting to help others, i knew i could always live the life i wanted and empower others

          to do the same." Jennie Sutherland